Mission Statement

"St Gregory's is a happy, caring Catholic community. There are no invisible people, all engage, many shine and everyone is encouraged to reach the stars!"

The purpose of this document is to help us all to achieve the mission of our school.

The Mission Statement - Part One

Written by the children. It states:-

  • St Gregory's Catholic School is a happy school.
  • We talk to God in prayer.
  • We treat everyone as if they were a friend. We know they are made in God's image.
  • We listen to Jesus through the gospels.
  • We do nothing to stop others praying.
  • We know everyone is special.
  • We make our visitors feel welcome.
  • We treat everyone the same.
  • We learn to care and share with others.
  • We listen to each other.
  • We like to learn from each other.
  • We are polite to each other.
  • We say sorry when we know we have done wrong.
  • We want to work hard and behave well.
  • We help each other when we are stuck.
  • We think before we speak.
  • We do nothing to stop the teachers teaching and the children learning.
  • We are responsible for our own actions.
  • We are willing to learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.
  • We learn that the world can be wonderful.
  • Ours is an honest school.
  • We are proud of St Gregory's Catholic School and want to care for it.

The Mission Statement - Part Two

Was written by the Staff and Governors. It states:-

  • We acknowledge and value the status of Parents, Guardians in the education of their children.
  • Our school succeeds through the co-operation of Parents, Parish and School Community.

St Gregory's is a Catholic School and, as such, we know and respect that each one of us in on our own journey in faith. We aim to help others along that journey.

The Aims Of St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

the school aims

  • to create a setting in which all staff, pupils and parents may grow intellectually, socially and spiritually
  • to be an integral part of the parish community of St. Gregory's
  • to participate in the basic mission and ministry of the Catholic Church.
  • to value each individual member of the school as a whole person
  • to collaborate first of all with the parents and guardians of the pupils, together with teachers, governors, other professionals and the community at large
  • to provide an education of the highest calibre through the delivery of the National Curriculum
  • to deliver Religious Education as the core subject taking up approximately 10% of the teaching time.

This document has collaboratively been written and endorsed by the teachers and governors of St Gregory's Catholic Primary School. The Mission Statement was reviewed by the children Autumn Term 2008.