Dear Parents, We have decided to give some of our afterschool clubs a little change around to keep then fresh and enjoyable for the children. Below is a new club timetable which will be started from the first day back after the Christmas holidays. Film Club There is the new addition of ‘Film Club Fridays’. This club will run until 4.25 and will be at the slightly higher price of £3.00. For this, your child will get chance to have a light snack whilst watching the movie. At the beginning of every week you will receive a text message informing you and the children what that week’s film will be. All films will be age appropriate.

All clubs are to be paid for in advance or on the day of the club and there is still a no pay, no stay policy in place. We would also like to thank you for your fantastic support of our afterschool clubs, the children have thoroughly enjoyed them!

To see our current clubs timetable, please click here.